Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jumping over homeplate

John before the game started....he talked about playing ball all day. Was so ready to play that he tried to wear his uniform to piano lessons.....Ms. Weiler lets him talk to her when lessons are over (she told him on his first lesson that if he played good for 30 minutes that she would let him tell her some "news" they always chat for 5 minutes).....she said that John told her all about his uniform, how I wouldn't let him wear his "red" socks to her house and about all the positions he wanted to play.
Before we left the house he said "Momma, I don't know how I feel"....John are you feeling jittery..."yeah, I am a little scared"....John that is what it feels like to be excited about doing something special..."oh, well I am, let's go." He was the first one there. He did have a little excitement during the game...hit the ball...rounded the bases...running for home and the boy jumped over it (so John to do that)....then he had to run back before he got called out. Silly boy, daddy said, "Slide next time."

I am so proud of John....he played his first ballgame of the season Monday night....scored and played short-stop....caught balls.....he was so proud of himself. He had to call G-Mama and G-daddy right when he got home...thought he was going to talk their ear off. I don't know how many times I have heard him read his schedule. WooHOO John!!!!

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devano78 said...

I love reading the stories you post about the kids! Thanks for sending me the link to your blog. Happy Mother's Day!

Love you,