Thursday, April 9, 2009

Life of Brothers

I am really thankful that I have two boys and two girls and that they are together in birth order and very close in age.
When Jacob was born John instantly loved him and Jacob has always looked at John with love and admiration. They are only 19 months apart and have been the best of friends since Jacob was old of enough to play. When we had John I really wanted him to have a brother and for them to be close and I am so thankful that God gave us Jacob. Jacob is the opposite of John in every way possible, they are actually nothing a like and the funny thing is they really do compliment each other.
John is dreamer with his head in the clouds, who rarely can find anything and is full of so many stories that he could probably write a book, Jacob is very responsible with his feet on the ground and can pretty much find anything you ask of him. John loves people and doesn't have a fear of talking to them or asking things of them, Jacob is shy and doesn't like to be the center of attention. Corey and I have always joked that if we just had Jacob, he would probably just sit on the floor quietly and play but because he has John he gets to be a part of his wild imagination. If we only had John, he wouldn't have someone who was reminding him to get his stuff done or not to go to far in the woods. Jacob can always pull himself back when playing with John and John has always been the protector over Jacob. John has stood up for Jacob so many times and really will offer to take punishments for him, almost never tattles on him, and does things that Jacob will not do, like talking to the McDonald lady or asking someone for a toy back. Jacob on the other hand always reminds John to get his Bible, to finish his schoolwork, or pick up his clothes. When I let them go somewhere by themselves, if they are together I know they will be fine, if John is alone he is probably going to forget something I told him to do and if Jacob is alone he isn't going to talk to whoever is around or ask if he needs something. They are each getting better at the things they aren't good at because Corey and I make them do those weaknesses but if they are allowed to they rely on each other.
My Boys also get into more trouble then they should because they have each other. They are always together, we have bunk bed and 95% of the time they are sleeping with each other, they always play together and love to go where the other is going. If Corey or I take one alone they are usually lost without the other even if they are enjoying themselves.
Yesterday I had gotten both boys ready for Awanas and had allowed them to go outside (huge mistake) and jump on the trampoline. Those boys got the water hose out and started spraying each other, John came in with mud all on his legs and actually had to shower before dinner.
We are constantly hearing at night there laughter and talking in bed and have had to separate them many times because they just can't is like a nightly sleepover. I can not count the times I have walked into the bathroom to see them slapping each other with washcloths, spitting on each other with shower water, or a flood on the floor all the while laughing and having the greatest time in the world. Today I walked into the schoolroom to find John doing Jacob's math and Jacob doing John's review work, looking proudly at me because they were being kind and helping their brother.
John is 8 and Jacob is 7 and I can only imagine what kind of trouble they are going to get in as the years go by but my prayer is that they will always be close, love each other, continue to rely on each other , and help the other whenever needed.
I am really looking forward to seeing how my girls are with each other. Julia has always loved Jillian and Jillian's face lights up when Julia walks in the room. Jillian has just turned 1 and for the past couple of months they have started playing more together, where Jillian really watches Julia and what she does. I pray they are close like my boys are and I am sure there will be a different kind of trouble with them.

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Amy said...

This is so sweet... I am just now starting to see this in all of my girls:)