Saturday, February 7, 2009

This week has overwhelmed me. I am a planner, I like things in order, my thoughts put together before I do anything. I am the type of person who will sit and look at a product for awhile, walk away and then decide to buy it, I don't make instant decisions and when forced to do so I sometimes respond negatively.

I am married to a spontaneous person, Corey likes to get the purchase over, throw clothes in a bag and jump in the van, all while I am sitting there going slow down. Don't get me wrong, we get things accomplished usually without driving the other insane and we work well together but this week has been nothing but spontaneity. I at first handled it but today it has all finally hit me and I have realized that I have not pondered any decisions or had the time or energy to think about them more then once.

This week we had to make a 6 hour trip to Camden unplanned, which we were supposed to drive there and back on Thursday but then decided to stop at my parents instead. This was great it gave us a place to rest because we were tired and our children love it there. They got to watch home videos and make smores-what fun. The downfall of that was, we had a lot already scheduled for Friday.

Wednesday morning we wake up and load the dryer, and the thing will not spin, Corey was home and being the able to fix almost anything he found the problem, ordered parts and then said "Why don't we just get a new one." This just added the pressure to me, I knew we had to leave the next day and with four kids that is overwhelming at times. But I had told Corey the last time he fixed it, we would wait until it broke and then go get another, it is a lot of work fixing something over and over. So Wednesday afternoon, a day before leaving for Camden, we were in Lowes looking for a washer and dryer. My every intention was to look, think about the different options and costs and then on Friday go back in and buy one. The next thing I know we are telling the man the direction of our house.

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