Sunday, February 8, 2009


What great friends we have. I have looked at Rogers as beautiful, a fun place to live but never as a place where we have great friends. Everywhere we have lived, both VA and FL I have had exceptional friends, people who would help whenever possible, were there to laugh with and have fun, people who I still call friends even though distance separates us.
As I sat in church tonight, my mind wandered to the last couple of months. At the end of the summer, Jacob came to me and said he wanted a friend, someone he could play with. He said he missed living in a neighborhood where there were kids all around and the pool in the summer was just not enough. So I started praying about finding friends for my children and for myself, a family that met our friendship needs and we met theirs. I wasn't picky about them in my prayers but prayed they would be a good Christian family.
I look back now and I see God provided a family that is perfect for us. They have children that are just like mine, imaginative, curious, bible believing, home schooled, and our children mesh so well with each other. We are just getting to know each other, adults are so different then children but I have really fallen for this family.
I also thank God for the other people he has put in our lives, God has really put on my heart that each church is different but there are so many good people and friends in each. I have been convicted, I have put our FL church so far up that any other church could not compare. I have overlooked every flaw and put it on a huge pedestal and until today I had not realized what good I have. God has used other people to help me see that First Baptist Church Rogers is a wonderful place with lovely people full of Jesus Christ. So while sitting in the pew tonight I looked back at the kindness we have received from First Baptist and my eyes have been opened.

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emily said...

you've become a power blogger! i'm lucky if i get one a month posted. great job. and a great family!