Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Robin and the Raven

This week has been different then others, usually I worry about my children or Corey, bills that need to be paid or if things are going to be alright with everyone but this week I have had to focus on myself and my health. Some issues have come to my attention and I am going to the dr. soon to find answers but while doing so I learned tonight that my attitude and behavior have not been the best or the wisest.

During John's reading time tonight he read a story about a Robin and a Raven. The story starts with the Robin singing and the Raven not understanding how he can sing when there are snow clouds coming. The Robin said," I will sing and be happy until they get here." The Raven just kept on watching the clouds and his attitude kept getting worse. After a little while the Robin flew back and said it is going to be a bright shining day, let's sing. The Raven said," The sun will get so hot and eventually burn me." This bird was determined to be unhappy and focus only on the negative things. I explained to John tonight that we can't just sit around and wait for the bad we have to enjoy life before the bad gets to us.

After he was finished reading, I looked at Corey and said," I have so been like the Raven, only focused on this one concern." I should be focused on how wonderful my family is, how much fun we have together and that God has blessed us more then I can ever imagine. Then when the times comes for me to have some answers I can start thinking about what to do next.

I tend to do this often but more so this week. I hardly ever get to focus on myself but it has been thrown in my face.

Corey and my prayer has always been that our family will stay healthy and that God will continue to bless us and use us however he chooses.

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