Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Vacation at home

After spending almost three days alone with 4 children, I needed a break today. So before dinner and office work for Corey, I took one of my solitary walks, well Penny (our dog) always goes with me. I love to walk, even if I have already done my workout for the day, a walk just clears my mind. As I was walking I began thinking of how things have changed in a weeks time, last week at this time we were without electricity, there was ice covering the ground and we were pretty much stuck on our land. How many times I thought have Corey and I wished we could just stay home and rest, spend time with the kids, each other and just forget the chaos of the world. Well we got our wish last week. We had no television, limited internet access and very few people, besides the six of us to talk too.

The ice storm was such fun for my kids and they all looked at it as an exciting time to have fun. On Monday night we lost power and while Corey was starting the generator, the three oldest kids had the flashlights out scaring each other.

My parents bought them a sled right before we moved up here, in hope that they would be able to go sledding. Last year we got a little snow but not enough to really get going on it but this ice was the best thing for them. We have big hills where we live, they are roads actually and Corey had them flying.

What fun they had with Daddy last week. They got to sled, make ice balls, have ice wars, and just enjoy being with him.

I am so thankful as I look back that we were stuck here, what memories we have of a little vacation at home.

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