Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Summer's End

We needed an escape
Our life has been busy this summer.  Corey traveled with work every other week, bike races, life, kids, pool time, and all those things that we wanted to fit in.  That long list of summer to do's did not get done but the Fun summer list of things to do~was conquered.

It is totally relaxing for me.  I am not normally a relaxed person.  Always moving, always doing, always coming up with a project or place to go.  Camping though, totally gives my spirit a rest.  I have no anxiety, no moments of rush and no intention of going anywhere.  We ride bikes, fish, sit around a fire and do a lot of things we do every week at home but it is totally different.  Don't ask me how.  

My kids
We started the year with Jett and Joel not knowing what to do in a tent, mainly Joel.  We are ending our camping season with Joel rocking the sleeping in a tent.  Calm, content, and a peaceful sleeper  he has become, making me think that we need to set the tent up outside and make that his crib or look up nature sounds on itunes.  

It is just a part of us.  Corey has fished his whole life, most of our dating life, young married life and all of our children's lives have been centered around water, poles, tackle boxes and trying to catch the most or the biggest fish. 
Some of our kids do it because that is what is going on at the time and others crave it, never wanting it to end.

The River
Still drawing people to it like it did 500 years ago.  The appeal of this rapidly moving body of water and all that it holds, the lulling sound of the force it carries and clean water that pulls you to move closer and touch.  



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