Sunday, July 7, 2013

Beautiful Julia

Our awesome Julia turned 8!! She woke me up this morning, this late sleeper, was the first one up today because the excitement of turning 8, of celebrating was just not worth the extra sleep.

My creative, brown eyed girl, has proven throughout her 7th year that she is amazing.  She is my helper and very often my right hand, she steps in before being asked and does not need to be told what to do in most circumstances.  
She is growing into a young lady that wants to help others, wants to please her parents and is a true delight to our family.   
My first thoughts the day she was born was how different she is and it still remains true today, she loves uniqueness and thrives is the beauty of being herself. 

My nature-loving girl, who takes on the big brothers every chance she gets, cares for the needs of the little brothers, and is a best friend to her sister, has a feisty spirit and quite soul.  
Julia never refuses competition, doesn't realize that she is smaller then John and Jacob and can't understand why she can't WIN it all. When I give her a goal to conquer, her self-motivating, competitive spirit kicks into over-drive until she can do it.  
The day we found out we were having Julia (a girl), I remembered my heart exploding from the excitement of having a daughter.  A relationship like I had with my mother, my dreams were big. I would sit in her flowered pink room, talking and singing to her in my womb.  
My dreams weren't big enough, I never imagined the talks we have, the laughs we share and the fun we have.  She is always by my side talking and sharing her thoughts, listening and reminding me how truly great it is to have a daughter. 
My beautiful Julia Katherine, was born in the hot, summer Florida month of July. 
Happy Birthday Julia!!!

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