Sunday, July 28, 2013

Arm Fulls of Summer

July was a month full of trips, races, vacation bible schools and fun outings with friends. We came home two weeks ago exhausted, ready to put out feet up, tackle home projects, clean and organize. Instead we have spent our afternoons at the pool and our mornings reading and playing outside. 
Our house still looks like someone dumped closets out and unfinished projects are still sitting about, on top of that I started rearranging at the beginning of the month. I have a to do list with nothing marked out, fabric that needs to be cut and sewn, and what seems like a mess everywhere.  
Even with all there is to do, I feel like this isn't the season to do it, I am ready for another trip, ready to pack us up again and head out on an adventure.  I am not ready for the fun of summer to be over, instead wanting to scoop up arm fulls of it, basking in this short lived season. 

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