Sunday, June 9, 2013

John is 13

We have a teenager in our home.
This positive, creative awesome boy is changing before our eyes.
I am going to admit that raising a teenager is very new to both Corey and me but raising a "home schooled" teenager is very foreign and rewarding.  We have had John to ourselves and we have taught him and molded him into this passionate child but just like birds we go back to how we were at 13 because that is all we know.  Even though I was raised in a christian home, with a Godly mom and was surrounded by Godly christians at church, I was still exposed to many things of this world.  
John has this air of innocence about him, there are so many things that are foreign to him, things he has never been exposed to.  Which should make it easy, right?  but like birds I don't always understand his "homeschool mind" because I don't have one.   Don't get me wrong, John still has sin and is self-absorbed at times (as much as you can be with 5 younger siblings) but his exposure is limited, his friends are parent-selected and everything he sees and does is with Corey or me.  
We are learning and 'yet again' using John as an example and a learning board.
God is molding us as parents as well as molding John into the man he will be someday. 

Happy Birthday John!!

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