Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Words We Speak

A simple night, a full heart, laughter and words.  Jacob and I got to spend a few hours together (along with the sweet baby) where we talked, attention was poured upon him, and hopefully a memory was etched into his brain. 
A night where we ate at a little table, we ordered only two meals, one of which he got to pick and eat alone, and a drink that was "not water" was ordered.  We ran errands, went shopping, got to stand next to each other looking and talking and laughing about whatever we saw.  I got to listen to what he thought, ask him his opinion and talk about things that are important to him. 
My worry as a mom is that my children will mistake discipline and love, gifts and rewards, and special treatment of each other as favoritism, causing resentment to grow between them, wedging a space in the bond they have with each other.  
When Jacob was born, I sincerely prayed that no matter the number or gender of the children God was going to give me, I would accept each with a joyful heart, but I never wanted to be able to pick a favorite among them and I never wanted them to see themselves or another as a favorite of mine.  
These moments that I spend one on one with each of them are as precious to me as the day they were born.  The love so much greater, the knowing much more real.  
As we ended our night and our journey home the quiet words of the evening contrasted with the noise (you can imagine) comes when entering a house with 5 other children and 1 fun dad.  

The complexity of our lives and the relationships that intermingle in our home are often not as complex as I make them and not as simple as I think.  Jacob fits like a link among John, Julia, Jillian, Jett and Joel, individual ties are customized between each different pair, layers are built exposing true colors but the common denominator is always the same...the bond they hold with each other.

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