Thursday, November 29, 2012

Play Time

With John and Jacob everything was boy "stuff," dinosaurs, cars, airplanes and balls.  With Julia and Jillian we melded our world into things of pink, adding kitchen sets and dolls, to which my big boys happily played, while my girls can eagerly pick up a ball or a lego and have a great time.

This new season of my life with two more little boys is quite different then when I had my first pair of boys. So many times it feels like I am replaying scenes of diaper changes for two, schedules for little ones, snuggling with two at nap time and having two in my arms.
After my morning shower, I walked into find my little ones dressed in cooking attire and like so many mornings play do  cookies were being created,  plastic plates filled and pretend eating was being done.
Jett can walk in little plastic heels right along with Jillian, keeping his balance and walking with speed, never wanting to be outdone. One day when he has strong calves and great posture, his big sisters can get the thanks.  
They grasp and learn so much from each other, the examples that are being taught, the lessons they don't realize are learned and the relationships they have formed all from those siblings they have.

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Mrs. Boggess said...

I love it! And your pictures are darling.