Friday, July 6, 2012

The night before

Remembering is my favorite, right along with living it, breathing it all in, grasping on to the moments of our one sweet, precious life.

Each of my children have a night before, a single precious day of the year, full of their memories.  Stories of their life are shared, the magical moments of their birth reminisced, private prayers of thanksgiving, knowledge and wisdom for their journey that has past and is to come.

This day is a beautiful one for me, a moment of my own private "thank you God for giving me this child" party.  A day I hold for myself, where tears are shed while wrapping gifts, prayers are prayed while piping frosting, and small chuckles of memories come out when tying up balloons.

As my children get older the memories of their life get deeper and richer.  I never realized it when they were babies how pale and soft the colors of their lives were, the pale pinks and blues bursting in my mind when I thought of them, simple and innocent.  Each year more color is added, the flavor gets bolder, and the beauty..oh that rare beauty aches my heart and fills me with a love that is consuming.

These little people I am blessed with, they fill my home, they overflow my heart, they add this amazing color to my life.

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