Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 14...Puddles

We were promised a chance for rain this afternoon and promises were fulfilled. A steady, pouring that changed the course of our normal, summer day, causing us to greet an old friend we hadn't seen in awhile.  Candy Land and Uno were pulled out, intense chess games were played while chutes and ladders were dominated by a brother sister pair that would not give up or take quit for an answer.  
Sporadic moments of jumping up, running out the door and dancing in the rain occurred followed by more games, book reading and the usual silliness of our home.
Our flawed drive with it's grooves and dips makes the best playground during a rain shower and after it dwindles down.  A place where our flock of children head when it starts to fill up, where boots are kicked off and toes are wiggled in the fresh fallen water.  

Impromptu bike races are had just so one can feel the water spray and the coolness soak in. 
We walked in the house tonight with dripping wet, mud splattered children, holding boots that needed cleaning and hair that had to be washed. Looking forward to another rainy day.

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