Friday, February 10, 2012

Mod Podge

This week my toothbrush got stuck in Mod Podge...yes Mod Podge, I don't know why it happened, I can't even tell you who did it. I just happened to walk by the table and the only thing on it was mod podge and my toothbrush. My kids were playing together wonderfully at the time in another room, so without the normal mommy exclamation of WHY? did this happen, the toothbrush got chunked, the mod podge got closed, and the day went on. Until night came and I realized that my toothbrush was in the garbage with the bristles as hard as a rock.

A week ago, a "friend" on Facebook posted that he didn't understand how stay at home moms thought they had the right to complain, when they were at home and someone else was making the money. That they should just be content that they aren't working but bills are getting paid, food is being bought and they are doing what they choose.

WHOA!!!...that made me think, because I did choose this job, I did choose to stay at home, to homeschool, to continue this line of children that we have, just like he chose the job he has (which he complains about quite often).
I like to think I am open-minded, that I can see others' view points, not press my opinions and beliefs on someone else. I hope that others see "who I am" just by being around me, that I am open and honest with the "who I am" and am not perceived to stand behind normal. Hopefully they are intrigued enough to ask me why we choose to be a little different but never would I want to be forceful or deliberately try to influence others to be like us. Point being that I want to understand this guy's viewpoint, I want to look at it as if you have a job you love, food, healthy children, a little fun in your life, and great relationships then he is right, you shouldn't complain, little glitches, small mishaps should just be expected, even taken light heartedly.

However then there are nights when I don't have a toothbrush, or days when a cabinet I spent an hour organizing, scrubbing away crumbs and dirt gets attacked 30 minutes later by little hands that just couldn't resist, rooms destroyed, toilet paper scattered, and stray socks that get left where they were taken off. Shockingly we have disrespectful attitudes, hurtful words, careless behavior that occur occasionally, not everyone is peaceful and happy or easy going wanting to get along with each other. At the end of these days my attitude isn't always cheerful, sometimes it is full of complaints and doubts. Hours later realizing how lucky I am to be home with this brood of mine, wishing I could see past those little mishaps and glitches that constantly occur and are really called "living."

We have been crafting a lot lately, the reason why the Mod Podge was out, paper litters the floor and everyone is enjoying school just a little more.

(the pirates came out to dress up time)
As Jett is getting older, he and Jillian have been sticking together and playing constantly. He shadows her and she teaches him in a way where he absorbs it all.

Julia is a "little momma" taking on her roll of big sister quite seriously. Nothing gets by her, she is comforting and patient, prefering to care for the little ones instead of the many other things she should be doing.
We met friends last week for a fun time of roasting hotdogs and making smores, exploring and playing. It is always a comfort seeing old friends, nothing unexpected, just normal playing and talking, enjoying people you love and a want to be with. The drive to see them is always fun, the anticipation and excitement, a planned event that has no stress or added pressure but all the fun and memories of something that is BIG and will be looked back on in years to come, spoken in conversations as "do you remember that day.
Cold and dreary have been looming here, not as cold as usual but dreary and cloudy have been lingering for awhile feeling more like a NWA winter.
Allowing us to get more use out of our jackets and knitted hats, warm boots and comfy sweaters.
Making fires more enjoyable and really making us crave spring.

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~D said...

I envy mothers who have the strength and patience to stay at home with their children. I'm not sure I will have it when I have children of my own, as I can barely spend two days in a row at home without children without going a little stir-crazy. I hope I do. You are an amazing mom, and I certainly look up to you, and how you make it look so easy with such a big brood. Love you all!