Monday, February 6, 2012

Our Story

I laugh sometimes at how unknown school is for my children and on how they view my school days. Jacob asked me this week if I had ever been switched, "switched?" I asked, "switched with who." "No momma, you know did anyone in your school ever get a switch and hit you if you were bad." I replied, "no, that wasn't allowed." "Well did you ever get your hand hit with a ruler, or have to stand with your nose in a corner, did you ever have to wear a crazy hat?" "No" I replied to his utter disappointment.
I realized a little later that he was engrossed in Old Yeller, which made me ask, "Did the boy in the book ever get switched." "Oh yeah!!!" he replied with respect in his voice and dismay at how I could have missed out on that all my life.
Being the fun mom I am, I did cut a twig off a tree a little later and told Jacob if he gave me any trouble I would be sure to "switch him," amazingly enough he looked thrilled at the idea.

(part of Jacob's birthday gift was a trip to Modern Mission to play laser tag) which he got to enjoy last Saturday with two of his favorite people

I am not sure when it happened for me, when learning became something I started to crave, when just knowing enough wasn't satisfying. Absorbing data, soaking in words, researching until my eyes hurt on anything from herbs for medicinal purposes to how to make your skin look great on photoshop become an enjoyable task.
Sunday after I had listened to a lady talk about digestive enzymes, questioning her, wanting to know as much as I could about them, I literally sat back and thought, "when did this happen." When did a 30 minute discussion on something like the break down of our food become a plop my bottom in the chair, forget the world around you discussion.
I find myself in these moment occasionally, craving to know more, seeking out people who can give me that sought after knowledge. Finding enjoyment, in those things that are unknown, holding myself back at times from running out and thrusting myself into this new method or style of being. I want this for my kids, for them to seek wise council, for each of them to fill their heads and hearts with knowledge and to have a desire to do so. Doing all this, not to be smarter or better then another, but to make them push themselves in the direction God is leading for their lives.
I want for them to learn the things that are in their heart to better the kingdom, for God to place those desires in them and for Him to lead them in the direction that he seeks best.
Here is the fun part, I want for them to do these things with a grateful and joyful heart. For the most part learning isn't a chore for them when it comes from what they are seeking and desiring to learn. Which constantly has me wondering if I should just take a huge step back, loosen the reins and only focus on those things that bring enjoyment and fulfillment, the things they crave to know, what I am asking God to put in their hearts.
We have worked, trailer loads of mulch, shoveling, carrying, spreading. My pregnant body was going into quitting mode way before my wanting to quit set in. Pregnancy and crazy strength amazingly work so well together or at least for me it seems too. At times when I am physically working I forget that my middle section has grown, my stomach muscles are no where to be found and I tend to over do. Then I walk in the house, sit down and my body reminds me that it is carrying a child plus doing the crazy things I ask it too.

Between my non-fiction learning boys and my fiction loving girls I have been thrown for a loop in how to teach them. I feel like I have left a little out of my daughters' education, seeing that the things my boys knew and loved to learn at this young age are totally different then what my girls desire to know. When Julia asked me last week how many legs a spider had, my first response was, maybe we should get the science books out for you and feel in some gaps, not go crazy with it unless she leads me that way but at least give her some insightful knowledge.

So we are on our way to learning about animals. Starting us off this week was the alligator to which both girls learned a little but to my shock drew both my boys like magnets over to the reading area, answering questions, giving thoughts, telling their sisters what they know on this amazing creature. We watched videos, read more books and went a little farther then I thought we would.

We spent most of our free time this week, making a paper mache alligator (supposedly you can put it in your garden after sealant is put on it) we shall see.

John totally took over the project, adding details, expanding what we were doing and totally basking in newspapers, glue, toilet paper and paint.
Big Kids are Fun...they get it. I have to be totally honest, there are moments I look at them and think how did we get here, the time has flown by but other times I just simple enjoy. I really do love having big kids.
Maybe it is because I have little kids too and I get to enjoy both ages, the innocence and intrigue of littles draws me in, wanting to fill in those spaces of unknown with fun and clever.
Or maybe it is because we are always together and I haven't missed time and opportunities with them. I don't always feel like the time flies by, somedays I do look at both my littles and bigs and think how amazing it is that we are together day by day.
Learning from each other and filling in the gaps . Who knew teaching my big kids years ago about every animal, dinosaur, creature on earth (exaggerating a little) would somehow benefit my little kids because when I stood back a few days this week and just listened, John and Jacob were teaching Julia and Jillian. They were grasping what their brothers said so much better and with more intrigue because the boys love what they are talking about.

And that is what I want always, learning to be fun and desirable for them. Grabbing a book, pulling someone aside and retaining the knowledge from that source.

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