Monday, January 30, 2012

Little Fingers

If you are like me and thinking what is up with the crazy layout of the pictures...think this, Jett Amos is a handfull of spirited mess, he religiously climbs into my chair, hitting random buttons that reveal things on my computer that I have never seen before, he also routinely changes my original plans on all types of projects. I have been both confused and grateful for his obsessive need to put his fingers on a keyboard, often wondering how something that needed two buttons on different sides of the board pushed at the same time to work was accomplished by a mere tot. It is more of a sight when he spots me, he scoots down or boldly stares at me with a huge proud grin on his face, because brother knows he is about to get in trouble and his only options are to stand and take it or move those little legs as fast as they can carry that top heavy body.

I left the crazy layout because ...first I am not clever enough to change it without starting over and second sporadic and unordinary have been calling my name lately, begging me to grab hold and run with them.

I had no intention of writing about my full of life son, who is very shy and clingy in public but the life and noise of our home, but instead of our busy 4 day weekend with daddy, where cleaning and purging our home, filling our wood box and painting outside houses took over and wore me out completely. As I sat down to write this morning, seeing Jett's masterpiece of design my thoughts have been on him and not of the accomplishments of this past weekend.

Of how different I am now with my 5th child then with my 1st child. How if Jett would have been my first "Holy Cow," he would have scared me to death. I have found him standing on the keys of the piano, barely balanced, my heart in my throat trying to get to him calmly without making him stand up or jump back, not moving fast enough, feeling every second that passes in my movements, grabbing him up, talking to him without that crazy panic that I feel bubbling inside me. I never could have done this with John or Jacob, I am not even sure I was ready with Julia or Jillian but God knew this perfect timing when I would be ready for Jett, this boy that has me constantly running, jumping up, hurdling over things in my path just to rescue him from falling in a sink, sliding head first into the ground, or prying his body from a chair.
jacob is getting really good at splitting wood, he practices every chance he gets.
In all seriousness...his goal is to have calloused hands (i know he is wearing gloves) that is "ultimate man" to Jacob.
I can't help but laugh at the things Jett does, completely innocent, absolutely childlike, all part of his wonderful personality. Be assured that we are molding him, trying to train him, reminding ourselves everyday that repetition, prayer, and working as a team produce results, even when we see him dancing on the dining room table.
yes he is trying to kick the chicken, he gets them most of the time, we don't encourage this

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cmoore5471646 said...

I so enjoyed reading this. I do understand what you are talking about with Jett. I often said that if Corey had come first he would most likely have been an only child. He was my climber. He wanted his hands on anything electronic. When he couldn't have the Atari controls once, he turned in anger and whacked his head on the hearth, causing one of his MANY trips to the doctor to be stitched up. I have seen pictures of myself when he was Jett's age, and I honestly looked anorexic. I couldn't believe how thin I was when I was looking at some pictures the other day. I have pictures of him in the TOP of the doorway holding on with his hands and feet where people could walk under him. I got him off the top of the fridge one day when he was probably Jett's age...still in diapers. Enjoy the ride, it's a great one! Love.