Friday, December 16, 2011

I thought I had better write another post soon after the last one so it wouldn't appear like I was depressed or melancholy during this wonderful season of the year. I am actually the opposite, we have prepared our kids for a small Christmas with true meanings, celebrations, and family with all of it, my stress level is very low, add in no school during our day and we are simply enjoying. Hopes of family coming to see us, no traveling this month, and Old St. Nick coming for a visit in a little over a week brings a relaxing feeling we haven't felt in quite sometime.

Come January when gears are going again we will hopefully remember this Christmas season as a beautiful time when we played, ate and sang. A time of jolly, good tidings, and merriment where we did the unexpected throughout the day, drinking eggnog for breakfast and having cinnamon rolls for supper, making crafts and melting candy, searching for an elf each morning and listening to Christmas music as we drift off to sleep each night.
We have lots to do this coming week, preparing baked goodies for neighbors, getting daddy's present finished...finally, and deciding on what other Christmas crafts to do. (any good ones, I would love to know)

We gathered in the suburban late yesterday afternoon and made a hour and half trek to Branson. Excitement was booming of seeing the "real" Santa, because we found out again that he was going to be at Bass Pro Shops for a short know he has rounds to make and this is his busy season. Walking in Bass Pro is exhilarating for my kids all on it's own, but add in Santa's playroom, elves and the big man in red...well what could be better.
They played like kids in a toy store should, racing cars, shooting deers, firing bows with arrows that stuck to targets, my outdoor children's dream come true. I have to say it is fun watching my girls shoot guns and enjoy it because in the everyday they are frilly, silly girls who love nothing better then to walk in the woods and have a picnic with their baby dolls, not the rough and tumble girls who I sometimes associate with gun loving ladies.

Spectacular lights, great burgers, and sleepy kids is how we ended our night. Sneaking Christmas presents into the house long after little ones were asleep, whispering in excitement of what they will think on Chrismas morning. The wonderment of being a parent, keeping that magic alive, making those memories, and having the satisfaction of knowing one day they will look back at these moments in time realizing how great it was and wanting to do the same.

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Mica said...

What is the colored candy? Those turned out so cute!