Monday, May 16, 2011

This is Jett's friend Juniper, she is two days older then him. She attended his birth with her fabulous Mommy, who took our birth pictures.

She introduced us to cloth diapers before Jett was born and we decided with five kids, we could save a little money, and it was better for the enviroment, that we would try them. So I ordered 10 diapers, 30 inserts and we have been cloth diapering since Jett was about 2 months.

Lately with activities and spring coming I having been wanting to order more diapers and found this wonderful little store online. They have a lot products, like sunscreen, nursing tops, soft-soled shoes, and of course cloth diapers.

This weekend they are giving away a diaper from a brand new line


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Bethany Stephens said...

Wanted to invite you to the Arkansas Women Bloggers Conference on June 10 - 12!

I didn't see an email on your website to send you a direct note, so I apologize for using a comment to share the information.

Hope you can join us to meet fellow Arkansas Women Bloggers, bond and be inspired!

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halfadozensuper said...

i love that Juni made it on your blog! :)