Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gear Shifting

For the past few years Corey and I have noticed that things come easily to John, he can learn the fundamentals of a sport or activity, practice once or twice and never practice again and still look like a star during the middle of a competition. It is the same with his school work, he can learn it, never apply it but during a test he aces it.

Corey has said for years that it will catch up with him. There will come a time when the margin between skill level and who practices is a very fine line and eventually John will be bested, will have to learn to practice and study and at an older age it might be more difficult for him.

So our prayer has been that John will want to practice "something," will dedicate himself to learn, and will feel what it is like to struggle with something, push through it and accomplish his goal.

I know probably not the best sounding prayer to pray for your child, but work ethic and dedication have to be taught and it is hard to teach them to someone that can do sports and work so easily.

I think we found it in mountain biking...the hills intimidate John, the gears confuse him and it is hard when you are on your own trying to finish the race and others are flying by you.

Watching him struggle with this has been hard for both Corey and I to watch...but he hasn't felt defeated, he hasn't lost his confidence in it or himself and he is pushing through. He isn't picking it up as fast but he is learning and getting better.

I never want my kids to think that life is easy, that things are handed to you just because you are you. I want them to work for the things they have because that is pride, that is accomplishment, that is the warm feeling of joy you get when you know you worked for it.

John is on race team, they practice every week together, riding and learning the fundamentals of racing. He comes home and talks about how good his team mates are...that is his goal, he talks with admiration when he is referring to his team mates...that is pride, and he always is ready to go to practice or ride at home...that is dedication.

When he came over that last hill towards the finish line...the excitement I felt was electrifying, not because of how he did but because he finished the race. I have watched John play baseball, soccer and football and dominate the field and have been proud the whole time but I think the proudest moment for me was when he came over that hill with determination in his eyes.

He is ready for that next that is exciting!!!

photos by Corey Oliver

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Life with Kaishon said...

How wonderful that your prayer was answered. That is so great that things come easily to him :) I hope he will conquer mountain biking as well.