Sunday, November 21, 2010

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving Week is here and in a few days we are going to be eating one of these...

this turkey belongs to my friend Angela

I am thankful for Corey...a man who is content in all things, a hard, diligent worker who believes in right and wrong. He is always full of surprises and fun. A great dad that loves to play and encourage and doesn't mind getting down in the dirt to teach.

I am thankful that he works long hours, just so he can spend good hours with our family.

I am thankful that he packs us all up to go on business trips with him, even when it would be easier to go alone.

I am thankful for a man that does every crazy project (no matter how hard) that I come up with.

I am thankful that my kids have a dad who doesn't mind singing a funny song in the car, who sits patiently in the hunting woods with fidgety boys trying to teach them patience when waiting for the perfect deer and not letting them get discouraged when they come back empty handed. I am thankful for the time he spends teaching them how to throw and catch, how to cut fish and make a great meal with what you catch, and for getting down in the floor and wrestling with them after. I am thankful for the time he spends with them.

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