Sunday, May 9, 2010

John's Soccer Game

What started with learning simple passes, stops and kicks, has turned into balls bouncing off the knees and head.
The intensity on his face when playing any sport is never there with anything else.. How I wish it were there when he is doing schoolwork or playing the piano but I have to except the fact that my children are made for sports, they love playing.

He gets that look in his eyes and starts gnawing on his fingernails during an intense part of the game but the adrenaline and pressure seem to push John to do better and want to WIN!!!

Corey's says that is his favorite part of playing "the rush of adrenaline," and the pressure to win, just seem to make him play better, run faster, and know what to do.

Crazy how we are made different, I actually don't like that feeling, it seems to make me do worse. I work so much better in the calm.

Upwards was the best place for John to learn soccer. The rules are encouraging to kids, centered on everyone being Christlike, no negative talk, prayer and encouragement.

We would love it if he got into a more competitive league but for a child just beginning or just doing it to have fun this was great.

Every child is rewarded after every does that not make you feel great!!!


Amy said...

Love it!!! Corey seems just as in to it as John:) They both look like they are having so much fun... hopefully we will be able to find something like this for Allie and Raegan in Wisconsin:)

Jennifer said...

You think some of that could rub off on Luke??? haha!!! I laughed looking at him vs. John in every picture!!

anacooper said...

I beginning to think that Morgan will be the same way... totally into his game when he's playing, but unable to find that same focus in other areas! Oh well, like you said, we all have our talents! I love the sound of your league... maybe some day we'll end up in your neck of the woods!