Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Baking Sisters

We are always baking in our home and even though Jillian is usually in the kitchen when we are making delicious treats, she doesn't get to help that much but she always wants too. I love to bake and want my children to also, it is a great teaching tool and you usually get something that taste great at the end.
Jillian isn't the most patient child, so waiting on anything is hard for her but give her something to do and she puts all her effort into it.
Julia wants to be in the kitchen all the time and doesn't usually like her territory disturbed plus she had to wait to use all the necessary tools but once she saw how much Jillian was learning and that she could teach her, she really got into it.
She did great at scrambling the eggs. Pouring the milk was a different story and I didn't add a picture of that because I was little scared my camera would get wet and I didn't want everyone to see my dirty floor.
Poor Julia her bowl is still empty but doing two recipes while taking pictures with two preschoolers and it being the first time for one of them was a little more then I could do. Plus I am not great at using my new camera so you get the point.
This is the best bowl for teaching to hold the beater, it actually holds the beater up for you as long as she keeps it steady. Which she was great at doing.
Chocolate cake is almost completed. I was very surprised that she didn't have her hand in the bowl but she managed to keep it clean until she got the beater.
This is the only way Julia got to work on her cake or at least until Jillian was through licking.

Julia's bowl is finally full. For anyone who is wondering why we are making two different sets of cakes....Julia is making a gluten free one.
Now the mess began....she needs practice at this but so do I. Not sure why I can't make it into the pan neatly. Maybe we need a better type of spoon.
She definitely got a few more licks in...thank goodness they were only for a our family.
Julia feeling her pan and as you can see she is very neat about it.
I love these girls...as different as night and day but how fun they are together and they compliment each other so well.

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