Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The "Talk"

"The Talk," Birds and the Bees, Reproduction , How are Babies Made, These parts have other functions, the Facts of Life

So a few weeks ago Corey sat the boys down before bedtime and read them a book explaining how babies are made, how they are born and what "sex" is.
Some dear friends of ours told us they had, had this talk with their son and had a great book that was kid friendly and had a christian view.
Corey and I, well I thought this was probably a good idea because they could hear everything from us first, we could answer any questions they have, and they would feel comfortable talking with us about sex if we told them about it. The plan was to have Corey sit down with them, pray and read the book, then if they had any questions, answer them. Afterwards, I would come in and join in on the conversation.
I let Corey take the lead on this, when he felt comfortable and ready, he would prompt the conversation.
Let me first say that my boys are innocent when it comes to this, they have no clue about the facts of life, they knew how babies come out...well we have four so the question came up, especially with John but how they get there, "well God did that," which is true and we had no problem saying that. However my boys are also "just boys" they are so much like Corey in finding humor in everything, they loved being grossed out, they lead each other on and keep each other going in funny situations.
Going into this "sex" talk with them, I don't think we considered how they are and how they are with each other. We just assumed they would listen and then ask questions, that maybe there would be a little embarrassment but they would be interested enough that....well I am not sure what we hoped for but this is what we got....
Corey waits until a night that I am gone for awhile, puts Julia and Jillian in the bed and sits down with the boys. Now once he starts I am almost home, so I get home to Corey coming out of the room, shaking his head and find the boys on the floor of there room looking at each other with expressions of pure humor.
Corey comes up behind me and says "I don't know if that went well, they started laughing." I am thinking alright that is normal (or I hope it is) then Corey says,"I just couldn't keep a straight faces." Then it all comes to back to me about the males in this house and the connection they have with each other, my boys jump when daddy says do something, they hardly ever question him, the respect they have for Corey is huge, but how could I forget who the leader of their silliness is, the one who can keep them laughing for hours, the man who doesn't get embarrassed about anything and then I realize that the laughing was the way they communicate with each other and that my boys aren't embarrassed to talk with Corey about bodily functions or talk with him about anything. He is the leader of their little pack, the one they are striving to be just like.
The three of them are really comfortable with each other and the pecking order that they are in, they never try to take over control and be the head of Corey. They remind me of those wild dogs, if one is still the other will sneak up and jump and the playing begins, they are constantly wreastling, being wild, laughing at each other but then I will walk in to them sitting calmly talking or walking in a store well behaved, mess with one of them they all come out fighting. I am so thankful for this bond they have and the respect and love they have for each other.
So I guess the "talk" did not go the way we planned but we found that our boys aren't secretive about things, they are open with us, have no problem asking us questions, don't get embarressed aound us and now they know what God has planned for a man and woman when the are married.

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