Sunday, August 16, 2009

Baiting, Casting, Reeling...Our first time Trout fishing.

We went to a kids fishing day at Roaring River State Park.

This is one of our favorite places to go, we have never fished here because

it is in Missouri and you have to have a different lincense but on this

day Kids got to fish for free. We love swimming and hiking here and they

have a great educational programs for the kids.

We found out about Roaring River from our good friends

Amy and Drew and are so thankful because it is only 30 minutes from

our house.

John, Julia and Jacob waiting for the snake program to start.

We learned a lot about snakes from the naturalist and really wish we could

get a rat snake for around our house. We had a problem with mice getting under our

house last winter and from this program we learned that these snakes are worth a

lot of money to farmers and will keep the mice away.
Jillian loves to throw rocks. When she was let out of

the stroller she either did this or ran away. Ha!!!

John loving the snakes..he was the last one to leave and
had a deep conversation with the naturalist.

John fishing for trout.
Jillian wanting out, she had a long day.

Corey are you fishing? Kids only!!!
Way to tempting.

Jacob having a blast....this was one of
his favorite days. Anyday where we fish is a
great day for him.

This was a trout caught by our friend Jay Hurley.
These were given to my kids from a boy who
was an expert at catching them. He threw in his hook
three times and he caught three fish.
We are still learning how to trout fish and are going back soon
to try and get some of our own.

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