Thursday, June 18, 2009


This year for John's birthday he chose to go to the Dinosaur Museum in Branson and since he turned 9 he got to bring a friend with him. We went on Sunday after church, had a picnic at Roaring Rivers State Park and then we were off to the Dino Museum. He had a great time...he has always had a great love for dinosaurs (since he was 3) and still hasn't let go of it, he does have other interests now, finally. There was a time that dinos was all he thought about or played with. John is such an imaginative child so everything comes alive for him, for a while he would only watch dinosaurs on tv, the only toys he would play with were dinosaurs (they had to be realistic looking), he always had one in his pocket, library time became a search for the best dino book and when he was outside his imaginative play time would only be dinosaurs. Corey and I began to get a little concerned after awhile because he started to become fearful of them, during the day he was fine but if he had to walk somewhere alone or at night his beloved dinosaurs began to give him nightmares and he would think he heard one, he even thought Penny was a dinosaur one night. We actually had to sit him down and explain that they no longer existed and find another interest that he liked. As he is getting older they have become a study for him, he wants to dig them up and put them together, he wants to know so much about them.

Jacob at Roaring Rivers enjoying his hamburger.
Started to rain while we were there, he had to seek shelter
in a pavilion.

John with his favorite dinosaur a "raptor"

John with his friend Ethan.

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