Saturday, June 20, 2009

Baseball Awards

Baseball was big in our house this spring. Hitting, catching, throwing, hats, pants and baseball shirts were four nights a week for became a love for my boys and Corey and a proud but rushing time for me (I had to cook and freeze dinners on the weekend, just to keep from going out to eat during the week). Both John and Jacob played great this year. This was the first time for either to play and we didn't know how they would be at it. Lucky for them they were naturals at it this year-I hope this continues. Jacob rotated a lot on the field...first base, pitcher, catcher, 2nd base, he learned a lot of great positions and how to play each. Jacob is such a competitor and longs to be the best. He gets his sights set on what he wants to be and goes after it. Practices were big for Jacob, he actually loved the practice more then the games.
John started out at 3rd base and center field (caught a pop-up here and got the game ball that night) then gravitated toward catcher. Corey coached him and I can say he is really good and so did many other people. John has an energy that helps him keep going for long of amounts of time and he is strong so he has no problem getting the ball to go where it needs to be, so catcher was a great position for him. He has already been asked to play catcher next year for a team, they roped Corey in also.
The majority of the time the boys hit and made it home, occasionally they struck out but they both did awesome when up to bat. I have to give credit to Corey for their baseball skills, he is a natural at sports and he also was able to teach them how to be good baseball players.

John with his friend and team mate Cy.

Go Cardinals!!!!

Jacob with his team The Athletics.

Jacob won the Best Hustle Award from his team.
Go Jacob!!!!

We went to Sam's Hamburgers for our celebration meal.
Great place to eat.

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