Sunday, January 5, 2014

Raising Tiny Saplings in the Wilderness

A small house with big woods, one has a little room for jumping, the other a lot of room for running. We bought our home for the very reason that we wanted our kids to live outdoors, sleep inside but feast outside. When we moved into our home 6 years ago, Jett was not in our thoughts, for that matter neither was Joel or baby #7. We had 3 kids under the age of 7, with baby Jillian soon to arrive, and even though the big woods and the unknowns were scary at the time, Corey knew this was the place for them, for us.

 Our boundaries were close, we ventured out as a family but for most parts of the day everyone stayed together. Six years later this has become our world, my children are more comfortable with the birds and the animals then cars and buildings, city and neighborhood life has become foreign to them, and navigating woods and following trails is where their allegiance lies.

 I began to realize on a walk with my littles that this is all Jett knows. His heart lies here, this world of tree field acreage, field with deer and the wild, where the seasons present themselves in their spectacular array without the interference of man.

 The sounds of the wind, the songs of the birds, the rustle of the trees, they pull him out, bringing peace to whoever listens. In our lives we can fill ourselves with anxiety, worry, the competitiveness of who has what but when we walk outside to the beauty of God's creation and allow it to surround us, all we can see is Him.  Filling our lives with more of God then with what man has to offer.

 Raising tiny saplings in the wilderness has become an eyeopener that God's promises and plans for our lives are better then my own and more appealing too.

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