Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lovely Jillian is 6

Sweet, sassy and unbelievably lovely,  Jillian was celebrated today, in her fashion of choice~as a princess.

She is growing, trying to follow in Julia's footsteps and not letting two years get in her way. In each of my children there is an individual quality I admire about them, for Jillian it is her ability to stay true to what she likes, her own individuality, her own creative flair. She very rarely follows the crowd,  instead she allows her uniqueness to shine through and it is amazing to see.

Six years ago, we moved to NWA, two weeks before Jillian was born. My plan was for her to be born in Florida, God's plan for her to be an Arkansas girl.  I look at her growing, thinking each year on her birthday,"how did we get here? to this moment, 6 years later?"  Yet here we are and it has been full
and lovely and beautiful to watch her grow into an imaginative 6 year old girl.

Happy 6th Birthday Jillian Karol!!!

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