Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Followers by Nature

Wherever I go, they go, whatever I do, they are there, whatever I say, they repeat. My mistakes, my shortcomings, my failings I see in them. So much bigger and brighter they are to see in a child's actions then my own. The things I try hardest at, what I put my all into, I see six pairs of feet try at, six mouths utter, and six pairs of hands attempt. My fears can easily become theirs but my accomplishments, my attempts help them grow and aspire to make pathways for themselves.

 Children are a megaton of a growing chart, they challenge us, reveal our shortcomings and help us develop into what we should become. If I could mark on the walls the rate of my growth in 13 years, what I have become just because I have children, how they have changed me, what my fruit looks like now versus what it looked like then and what it will look like in 20 years when baby #7 is making their way into the world. The gift of that, the burden of falling short all in the same ratio is my biggest fear and my greatest reward.

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