Friday, January 11, 2013

Weekend Trip To KC...Day 1

I love it when things just "work out," when schedules make way for an adventure, when fun comes because of work, and when grandmama joins our family as one of our own.  
Right now 4 kids are piled into Grandmama's hotel room learning the art of card playing (well a new game for them).  I was raised with cards in my hand, two tables, three generations and learning how to bid, trumping cousins and learning how to play on teams.  Sweet memories of my Memaw's table fill my head and wrap around my heart, nights spent with my siblings and my cousins learning the art of the cards.
As I sit here writing in a hotel in Kansas City, I am overcome with the emotion of the memories being etched into my children's heads tonight, of the influence that is upon them and the knowledge they are gaining from my Mama.  The time she takes with them, the way they talk of her, and the indescribable, beautiful bond they are making each time they are in her presence.
And the game...they will never forget where they learned it, they will remember the careful teaching and the patient reminders and when they are old those memories will be recalled.

Jacob is turing 11 tomorrow, a trip to Kansas City, throw in Legoland, 2 nights in a hotel with a pool, and Grandmama is joining us...these kids can't stop smiling.

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