Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Life is good...

and we've been so blessed by these people, we call family.

I love them, I am truly thankful that they are in my children's lives, that we can call them grandparent, cousin, uncle, aunt, or friend.

They joke around with my children, pick them up to hug them or hold them, play football and horseshoes in the yard and treat them so incredible well.
We made a trip to Nashville, AR for a visit and Jacob and Jillian got a little surprise....a family party, with Grandmama's birthday cake, presents and friends.

Cousin Josie w/Roxie
This sweet girl that Jillian loves, I am so thankful that we had these two girls so close together.
I am not sure the reason Jett-man is holding a pacie and sucking on one too but this is not uncommon for him.

Jett with Pops
Pink and pretty flowers for Jillian, made by grandmama, Aunt Jenn, and momma...so fun working in the kitchen with family. Aunt Lindsay held Jett while we worked. I love the ladies of my family, the women my brothers chose.
My mother's sweet neighbor girl, who has been friends with my boys and now my girls for almost 4 years.
I am secretly hoping that one of my boys will make her a part of our family one day.
I think Julia is too...she loves her.
Memorable event...Julia had her first non-family sleepover with Ashlyn while we were there...very big deal.
We have been blessed...
the love that my children feel towards all of them is undefinable...

the memories that make is monumentary...
the smiles joyous....
and the relationships...never-ending.

They were each handpicked by God for my kids...and I am incredible grateful.

Cousin Ethan
He is becoming a big boy...that can play right there along with my boys.
Thank you God for bringing him into our lives.
Whale House (AKA Branson Water Park)
Whale house is what Jillian called it everytime she was ready to go back in it.
This place is awesome for kids
This year Julia went on the big slides...

Jillian was flying down the toddler ones....
and John and Jacob were a little more free to explore.
It is so funny how my children are when we are out...they unite,

they play together.

My boys are becoming "boys" in the literal sense that girls are meant to be teased and messed with...John more so then Jacob, but what brother wouldn't go along just for the simple pleasure of teasing..well in our case a sister went too.
Julia wants to be part of their pack and also part of Jillian's, but when the boys include her in anything she is a loyal follower, even if it includes bumping into all the girls in the lazy river.
It was freezing when we got there, when we left and when we arrived home but this is what Jillian wore the whole time....
winter bathing beauty!!!

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Ellen said...

I couldn't agree with you more about the whole family,cousin, friend, blessing thing in Nashville. It appears that we have very similar experiences. I'm sure that all of the cousins in my family would love each other even if we lived there, but not becoming complacent with each other's company makes it so much more fun. Nashville is my children's favorite place!! Whenever we go home it is one big party with everybody hanging out at Nana's--big meals, sleepovers, movies being watched, etc. It is always loud and high energy with happy cousins running everywhere getting all their playtime in because they know it will only last a day or two. Sounds like our fun happens just down the street from each other....maybe one weekend we should actually hit the neighborhood behind the hospital at the same time and combine our blissful chaos. :) Glad to hear that you like my blog, because I have been reading yours for a while now and I love it. You are my motherhood hero! When I see pictures of you baking, etc. with your kiddos I get inspired and say, "If Anne Marie can do it with five, then there is hope for me."