Monday, December 13, 2010


Let me just state that I wish I took great photos and the ones I take that I think look good...take me so much more effort and time then it should but these are our Christmas pictures. Hopefully by next Christmas, I will be better and it won't take me as long.
I am so thankful for these little souls that I have been blessed with. That I know all of them so well, that they trust me with their thoughts and little secrets. I love that their MINE for this short period of time, that God trusts me with them, that he is using me to teach them about his SON...and the work they are called to do for him.
Christmas Past
I have been going through Christmas pictures of the past and came upon these. This was a our first Christmas in Northwest Arkansas, back when my boys had toothless grins, Julia was still chubby and shy and Jillian was still pretty new. We have spent Christmas' in so many places, with so many wonderful people. My heart is full looking back over the 11 years Corey and I have been married at all the people we have celebrated with, at each child's first Christmas, and the wonderment in their eyes.

We are having fun...this Christmas season. Jillian is loving Christmas trees, calls the baby Jesus in the manger "Baby God" (not sure where she heard this but I love it), we don't let anyone correct her and have been able to share so much with our kids because of what comes out of the mouth of a two year old.
We are going simple this year, no big programs, just family, devotions, bible readings, crafts and baking. We are going to travel quite a bit but to fun, comfortable places we love....the Grandparents' houses.
Merry Christmas!!!!


Jen said...

Speaking of Christmas' of the past... remember the year we all had a huge cookout at NN Park just days before Christmas? It was so nice out that day, I think the guys even had short sleeves on.
We miss you, and hope to be able to make more memories with you all some year soon!

Jen said...

Oh, and I forgot to say that you put too much pressure on yourself with the photos. I think you're amazing with a camera! <3

Carol said...

This is from David not Carol. Ann Marie, these were great! I have said it before and I say it again. You and Corey are great parents and you have a beautiful family. I am so proud of how you are raising the children, teaching them about Jesus and the results do show. Even though they are not my biological grandchildren, I am so proud of them and I feel honored when they call me papaw,petpaw (as Jeebo says it). I am thankful you include me in your family and look forward to seeing these precious children grow up. I didn't have a google account so I signed in on Carol's. I will get one!