Sunday, May 30, 2010

A day of fun and pizza

What you want me to jump in?
Get my face wet?
I'll hold on to the wall.
How long does it take?
Julia does have a lot of fun as long as she has a life jacket on.

Jump with me daddy.
Let me jump.
I want to go under...123.
Jillian and I went under the water so much today.
She is a little fish...well she wants to be but can't yet swim.
I wonder how long it will take her.
I used to see all these really little kids swimming and wonder how their parents did it.
None of my other kids were like that...John and Jacob were cautious but had fun.
Now I know that it isn't the parent it is the child.

As you can tell by the pictures...Julia is scared of the water.
We are working on this the next two months.
You can also tell that Jillian is not. She scares me because she wants to be free in the water.
She wants to go under, wants to kick and splash.
So while getting the fear out of one of my girls
I am trying to put a little caution in the other.

What is better after an afternoon of swimming, then homemade pizza.
I love making it...the crust, the sauce, dicing all the veggies.
Our rule is if it is homemade we add veggies and my kids love it.
I guess when you put it on yourself, doesn't matter if it is veggies or not it taste great...and a lot of cheese doesn't hurt.

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Amy said...

Yummy... those pizzas look great. Homemade pizza always tastes better than frozen:) Love the pool pictures too... I love how you can see each of your kiddos personalites...