Thursday, April 15, 2010

The love of KNex

So last week I took some things to the goodwill store and had few
minutes while the boys were at music, so the girls and I went in and looked around.
I will be honest, I went in and thought there is nothing in here for me, then I happened upon a blue box that said KNex. I opened it to find it full and with a guide book as well.....all for the price of $3.95. I snatched it up....I don't know if anyone else feels this way when you happen upon a great find, but my adrenaline starts going and I run to the cash register because I feel like someone might grab it away from me. I know crazy right...I probably missed something on the way to the register because I was dragging two girls as fast as I could.

Everyone loves playing with them big kids (daddy) and little kids.
They love KNex
This big airplane was started back Jacob but finished by all of them,
including daddy. They each take a section and do it. So fun. We don't have enough
YET, to make a lot of things so the projects have to be torn apart, which means I have to take a picture.

John's small airplane with the leftover pieces.

Jacob with the big airplane.

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