Monday, October 5, 2009


"Take a Look. Read a book, it's Reading Rainbow...... I can go anywhere."

Well my boys went to Africa today and learned about the African toothfairy. I will have to be honest and say that I was not aware of this trip they took. Reading Rainbow is part of our school day and usually I know what the story is about and we talk about it when it is over. WEll!, that didn't happen today.

So as John was doing some of his work this afternoon (he who always talks when he shouldn't be) said,"Hey Momma, in Africa if you loose a tooth, the African toothfairy gives you a chicken."

Really, I say. Then Jacob pipes in with,"Yeah, so we want the American toothfairy to give us chickens, then we can sell the eggs, loose more teeth, get more chickens, sell more eggs and get RICH!!" Can you imagine a chicken under your pillow in the morning I say. John says,"Oh, yeah Jacob is would be squacking all over the place. That be cool."

Oh my boys, I do love them.

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