Tuesday, July 7, 2009

All about Julia day

HAPPY Birthday My Sweet 4 year old.

Beautiful Julia Katherine....I remember the day she was born and how high maintenance she was even then. When Julia was born she was breathing to fast, hyperventilating herself, the doctors said that since she came so fast that it could have caused her to breath fast. (Not sure about that because all of my kids have come really fast) We always joke that Julia probably didn't like how something was. Until she regulated her breathing she had to be put on oxygen...it wasn't a complicated thing or even risky but to a momma (me) it was scary, just wondering and wanting to know the "whys" and thinking of the "what ifs." It took her about 24 hours to regulate but while in there she wasn't able to nurse and wanted to suck on something, the pacey wasn't working but my finger did. So she would suck on my finger and it stuck, I know that sounds crazy but for many months the only way I could get her to stop crying was to let her suck on my finger. For awhile anyone could do it...we were very clean about it and sanitized but after awhile it became my finger she wanted and only mine, she was the same way about getting fed food...I was the only one who could feed her (not sure if she identified getting fed as my job because I nursed her). None of my kids would take a bottle so feedings were done all the time by me.

As Julia has progressed through the years she has become my shadow (literally). I can say honestly that she loves being with me, around me, talking to me, cleaning with me, doing anything with me. She has a quietness about her in public and doesn't like for people to notice her...she shys away from attention but loves family attention. She loves her brothers who she refers to as "my boys" and can be as unruly as they are. However she isn't a tomboy...she is girly and picky about her appearance, not a fan of dirt, loves baby dolls, earrings and make-up.
On her birthday this year we went to my parent's house. Julia's birthday is July 7 and since we always go for a visit on the 4th we try to plan something special for her. It is always simple and what we would normally do but we have a birthday cake and present time that is just for her. On Julia's first birthday we were at my parent's house and had a big water slide that they made...it was so much fun. Julia saw a video earlier this year of her as one year old going down it and her request this year was "let's do it again."

Our friends Caleb and Ashlyn.

Our kids love these two.

Great friends.
Her Boys

Beautiful Jayce...Julia wants to be just like her.

Go Julia Go

John passing out the cupcakes.

He loves to serve.

Grandaddy wondering if he is going to get one.

We love him.
He is so great with the kids.

Julia's birthday cake...her request
strawberry ice cream with white cake
all together. It was so good.
Byers really does make the best.

Julia with her favorite person.
She loves her grandmama Katherine
and loves being with her. Everything
Grandmama says all my kids hold sacred.

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