Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Making a deal with the Tooth Fairy

Dinner eaten, showers taken, teeth brushed, and 10 minutes till bedtime.

Corey and I are sitting down talking giving the kids a few minutes before stories are read and lights are turned off, when John comes out of the school room and says "Momma, Jacob is writing his note to the tooth fairy and he is going to sell his tooth." Corey and I are a little confused, "What do you mean sell his tooth?"

Out of the school room comes Jacob, with a look that says I have figured it all out, " Momma, I am going to sell my tooth for five dollars to the tooth fairy." Jake you can't sell your teeth to her, that isn't how it works. "Well, she needs the tooth and I need five dollars, so she is going to have to buy it."

What do you say to a child that has a head for business. Jacob has loved money as long as I can remember, he saves it, collects it, looks for it on the street, in the couch, in the washer, he is constantly searching for money and putting it in a safe place where he periodically counts it. He isn't selfish with it, there have been times that he has bought John, Julia or Jillian something with his money but for the most part he just likes to see how much he can save.

Corey tells him that you can't make deals with the tooth fairy, she/he (since there is more then one that comes to our house) is fair, and will give you what the tooth is worth. We both tell Jacob that if he leaves the note the tooth fairy might just fly right by it without even looking at the tooth.

Lights out, Sun rises, Breakfast eaten, School starts

As we are sitting down at the table this morning starting our math, Jacob looks at me and says, "Momma, she didn't come." Who didn't come buddy. "The tooth fairy, I guess you and daddy were right" Now at this time, I had completely forgotten about the night before and I had forgotten to put on my wings. So as I sit there staring at him, shocked because I had forgotten and at a loss for words, "I finally say well maybe we can try again tonight and throw the note away," ....he nods his head, a little sad but a lot guilty. Corey comes to tell us bye and Jacob tells him, "Daddy, the tooth fairy didn't come," Corey said well buddy you can't make deals with the tooth fairy, first teeth are special so she gives you more but you have to be happy with what she gives you for the other ones.

I don't think I ever thought this way as a child, maybe I should have, and John has never even mentioned how much he wants, he is more excited about the notes. Was not my intention that the tooth fairy didn't come but so glad she did not because Jacob has learned that there are some people you can makes deals with and others that will just fly on by.

I can't wait to see what he is going to do with his life someday, my little "money maker."

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