Sunday, February 1, 2009

Key Players

We are Family of Six with the kids out-numbering the adults.

A year ago we moved to Rogers, AR up into the mountains and pretty much live by ourselves. This has been the first time that we have actually felt settled, we do not know how long we will be here but we also know that there is no leave date scheduled. We have moved so much in the past 9 years, from VA to FL that finally we can call ourselves settled in Arkansas. Our home is close to Beaver lake and pretty much secluded, Corey was very specific on where he wanted to live, he wanted to feel as if we were finally alone after so many years of apartments, Navy housing, and Florida living (side-by-side). He wanted our children to be able to run and explore without a lot of limitations and to show them what he loves so much-the outdoors.

With the Navy telling us where to go for the past 9 years (8 for me) this was the hardest decision we had to make as a married couple. We had such strong ties to Florida, to the people, our church, Corey loved the fishing there, and who wouldn't want to live in that beautiful weather, really it is just so hard starting over again in a new community. In the end we felt God calling us here to Rogers, AR. and after a lot of hesitation from me, to the house we live in now. I have to say that I was nine months pregnant when we moved into our house and it was winter, the trees were bare, our boxer Penny had just given birth to three puppies (not planned), and Corey was starting a new job and traveling to Ohio a lot, for training. So moving way out was something I was a little scared about doing. I can say now that I love it, every season holds something beautiful, I love feeding the deer who are in our yard each morning, seeing the birds fly around all day and hearing the owls hoot at night. The trees amaze me how beautiful they can be bare, with ice on them, just budding or full of color. There are so many majestic things in nature that God humbles me with every passing day with what he allows me to see. I am so very thankful the Lord led us here to raise our children.

Main Characters in the Blog

Corey is a field service tech for Emerson Electric. He has a background in Electronics from the Navy. I can't really tell you what he does but I can say he repairs and installs battery back-up systems for a lot of companies in NW AR, E OK and S MO. Corey fishes, hunts, loves playing and watching football, very athletic and creative (ask Corey to make or create and he can do it) and can fix almost anything electronic in our house. Corey is a great daddy, he loves to play and have fun but also great at those life lessons that have to be taught. He is the backbone of our family the one who keeps us all sane and on the path we need to be on. He is such a rock when difficult things happen and has such amazing faith in God. He is a great husband, not only will he get a job done but he usually doesn't mind doing it, he very loving and supportive and puts up with my crazy moods.

Anne Marie-that is me, I am a wife, mom, teacher, house cleaner, maid, accountant, planner, chauffeur, cook,and baker to the Oliver Family. I really do like to garden, my first time was last year and I had so much fun with the kids doing it, I don't know that we were great at it but we had some good veggies and plan to have a bigger garden this year-planning is already in the works. I like to read and get lost in books, I have to really watch myself because they pull me in and things don't get done and people get ignored. I worked at a bookstore while pregnant with Julia and at night when the store wasn't busy I would find myself engrossed in a book. I thought this would be a good job for me but way to much temptation.

Corey and I both went to High School together in southwest AR and dated for almost three years before we got married. Corey is a year older then me so during my senior year he was off at Navy boot camp and A school in IL. We got married in 1999 and will be celebrating 10 year this Sept.

John-our oldest son is 8 years old. He is so full of life and has the most sympathetic spirit, genuine and very imaginative. He is the only one of my kids who can play by himself, he loves people but early in the morning when he is the only one awake, he is very content to just play alone. John loves dinosaurs and has really enjoyed reading and studying them since he was 3, they have to look like the real thing though, he has never been one to like the funny looking ones or bright color ones. John boy likes to hunt, Star Wars, play football, he is very active and is very soon going to start playing the piano. I can't wait to see what God is going to do with this boy, there is so much going on in his head which is so closely connected to his heart, at times I think they are one in the same because emotion is in everything he does and says. I like to think of him like my Memaw, he doesn't always think before speaking, everything out of his mouth is the truth whether it be love, anger, sadness or any other emotion and he will genuinely apologize.

Jacob-My 7 year old and my mouth. I think this kid is so much like me it is scary. He looks just like his daddy but behaves like I do. I have always said that when Jacob walks in a classroom I know he will not get in trouble and would be very surprised if he did. He will do everything that is asked of him and he will try his hardest to do it the best and most perfect. He is the most competitive of my children without acknowledging it. He is quiet around strangers and loud around family, he is aware of everything that is going on around him, Corey and I can't have some conversations with him around because before to long he will jump right in. Jacob makes us laugh with the things he says, he can make the funniest comments without breaking a smile. Jake is a serious fisherman, likes basketball and baseball, he watches football with daddy and plays it with John, he is also learning to play the violin. Corey and I have always thought that Jacob is going to make it big at whatever he does, he always has a goal and a plan in his head. Seriously he is always the first of my children to finish their homework each day, just because he wants to be the first.

Julia Kat- that is what she prefers to be called, that or Julia Katherine. She is 3 years old and my first girl. I can say that after having two boys and then having her, things changed for our family. The boys adore her and pretty much do what she says. She likes to take care of everyone, boss everyone around, she loves to clean and would really prefer doing that then play with toys. Corey says that she picks up things from me, I have seen her get mad and think where did she get that look and Corey says "Oh that is so you." Julia loves Dora, singing and dancing, coloring, cutting, gluing, and playing with her babies. She started taking ballet and tap in August and is catching on to it, she does it all over the house (shuffle, shuffle, tap), I really hope that she continues to enjoy doing it. She has started to do a little school work this year, we haven't made her sit down the whole time but she enjoys it for a little while.

Jillian-we call her Jilly or JillyBeans. She is our 1 year old and the sweetest little girl, she will cuddle with almost anyone, laughs so easily and loves her brothers and sister. She follows them everywhere and prefers not to be alone, after a year of being entertained constantly who would want to be alone. She has been shown so much love since birth from her siblings, they were so ready for her to come and even though I thought they would soon tire of wanting to care for her instead they have taken it on so naturally, no one can resist her at our house. Jillian loves our dog Penny, this was her first word Penny, when ever she is missing if you find Penny, Jilly is usually with her. She actually wakes up in the morning calling Penny. I can't wait to get to know Jillian better. It really does seem like we have had her forever not just a year and then I think back and don't know how the first year went so fast.

As a family we do a lot of hiking, playing in the yard, board games, cooking and baking, boating in the summer, swimming and just about anything having fun outside. We love to camp and bike and usually go every spring. summer, and fall. Camping is a little easier to do in Florida so we are learning AR weather.

I home school my children and enjoy doing it. I really do want to continue and have a very good support system. It is so great during the day after all the homework and chores are done to see them play together. They are all so different and bring so much individually into whatever they do together. My prayer is that they will always love each other and remain close, I tell them often that they are gifts to each other. They don't always think so but the love in each one for the other is deep and I hope it continues to be that way.

Corey and I are so very blessed to have them and feel like God gave us four people who are very special. We hope to train them up in the Lord and help them find what God wants for their lives, we feel like that is what we have been called to do.

I can say that God gave me exactly what I wanted. I grew up with two brothers, which was great but I always wanted a sister. I really wanted them to have each other John and Jacob and then Julia and Jillian, to have a person who they could call best friend and share things with.

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