Saturday, March 14, 2009

"Oh No, OH No, OH NO"

Oh No, OH No, OH NO!!!" "Julia What did you do," my voice is quivering, tears are coming out of my eyes and my pretty little girl is looking at me with the most shocked brown eyes I have ever seen on her face.

Julia got to stay up late tonight, she was allowed to play in her room and wait on me to come in and read her a book, I was getting Jillian to sleep. For awhile I heard her through the baby monitor, playing and singing as always and then after awhile things got quite, I assumed she fell asleep and was secretly wishing she had. Little did I know that what she was doing would cause quite a commotion in our house.

As I walked into Julia's room to put Jillian in bed, she was leaning over her trashcan, with her brown eyes looking at me intently, scissors beside her, and upon my investigation a trashcan full of beautiful brown hair. Frantically I call Corey, who comes in to say, Well at least she did it over the trashcan and then looks through her hair and says Well it is pretty even. After daddy left, I knelt down to talk to this girl with the scissors, "Oh, Julia" I cried, "What did you do?" .............................(pause) "Julia this is your hair, why did you do this?" Mama I was waiting on you to read me a book,(in a tone that said you took to long) "So you decided to cut your hair?" I was bored. "Where did you get the scissors," points to the school room. "Julia this is your hair that you have wanted to grow." I know momma (said in a sad little voice).
Her little eyebrows scrunched up and I could see a light go off in her head like "oh what have I done."

Julia's hair: it took a Julia a long time for her hair to get long, at 6mo, 9mo she was bald, at 12 mo only a little patch and by 18 mo it was still very fine and baby like. At 2 her hair was just starting to get long and a few months before she turned 3 we cut her hair into a cute little bob. We loved it, everyone around complimented her on it, but as 4 years old gets closer she has decided that long hair is the best. So with her persistance we are letting her hair grow longer, which makes me wonder about the events that occurred tonight.
This is so unlike anything I would expect Julia to do. Julia is neat, orderly, clean, very peculiar about her things, she even gets upset with John and Jacob when they don't take care of their things. So why I ask did this fabulous little girl become a stylist tonight. She has never cut books, colored walls, any of those things that her older brothers did, things I probably could have handled (well maybe not cutting books) but she goes after all that beautiful hair.

Right now I sit here and think about how I felt when I found out I was having a little girl and how many pictures came into my head. Then of how I felt the moment she was born, this beautiful little baby with these brown eyes and beautiful skin. Julia really was the model child, she sat in her dress pretty, she left her bows alone, she smiled when spoken to and looked just like a baby doll. I had such fun dressing her up and taking her out, she had a sweet personality and completely changed the way our family was. The boys just fell in love with her and even to this day they usually do what she says, she knows how to get her way and what tone to use with them to do so. She is such an amazing part of this family, both a little sister and big sister, a daddy's girl and momma's helper and growing so fast that sometimes I just want to say...SLOW Down.

After my tears are dried, I realize what a fuss I am making over this hair and how if this is the worst thing she has done, well was it that bad and like Corey said, at least she was clean about it and precise.

Julia got to stay up even later then she would have. We had to read her book and because I cried all over her, I let her help me make cinnamon rolls for breakfast the next day.

What a way to end a night but maybe Julia's adventures as a stylist will either end tonight or take her somewhere great.


devano78 said...

When I was little, I cut Corey's hair instead of my own. He was a great little brother. He would sit there patiently and let me curl his hair with a curling iron and everything. I couldn't have had a better brother.

Anne Marie said...

oh, how funny, I bet he would love this story now.